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Changing Kitchen Wall Tile Grout Colour

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    This was a request from lady in the market town of Beverley, East Yorkshire which, interestingly, is actually the influence for the name of the famous Beverley Hills area in California. She was unhappy with the colour of grout that had been used on kitchen wall tiles installed as part of her new kitchen and had called Tile Doctor to see if anything could be done.

    She had spent a lot of time deciding on what tiles she wanted, and unfortunately the tiling company that installed them used the wrong colour grout. She thought that the job was completely ruined, and that, in the worst case, the grout would need to be removed. However, after a short consultation with the client, she decided on her a deep clean for her grout, along with a change of colour – from grey to black.

    Grout Clean and colour in Beverly Before

    Cleaning the grout

    The Tile Doctor grout colour change kit includes a pre-treater cleaner which is used to clean the grout joint and prime it ready for the colourant. The pre-treatment cleaner is applied and left so soak in for a short period before being scrubbed into the grout with a brush. This helps to penetrate below the surface, lifting any dirt and stains before being rinsed off with water.

    Changing the grout colour

    After cleaning the grout, I applied the black colourant which is simply applied in thin even coats using a small brush. You need to take care not to get any on the tile and to wipe it off immediately if you do. The colourant sets quite quickly in around two hours but needs to be kept dry for twenty four hours.

    Grout Clean and colour in Beverly During Grout Clean and colour in Beverly After

    After the job was done, the change in colour left the wall tile with a whole new look – the one my client had hoped for to begin with. It’s probably difficult to appreciate this from the photographs but I was very pleased to have helped to remedy this problem quickly and with relative ease. Another happy client!

    Grout Clean and colour in Beverly After

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