Resolving Problems With Stained Grout

I was recently called down to Alderton, a small village in the southern part of Northamptonshire most famous for housing the remains of a Norman Castle, known as ‘The Mount’. Unfortunately, this job involved remedying a bit of DIY grout cleaning that had not gone as expected.

As the first photo shows, my client had attempted to use a well-known household cleaning product to remove stains from the grout of his bathroom tiled floor which had not been sealed. Grouts are porous and, as a result, they can easily absorb grease and dirt, so it is understandable that my client would have wanted to try and clean them.

Diy Grout Cleaning Disaster Before Alderton

However, it is because of the porous properties of grout that the cleaning product did not remove the stains and, unfortunately, the stains were permanent. What’s more, the cleaning product itself had inflicted acid etching to the parts of the tiles where my client had scrubbed the grout.

Attempting to clean the stained grout

So what could be done to remedy the situation? My first action was to clean the grout using professional methods and products in an attempt to reverse the damage.

I did this using Tile Doctor 6″ twister pads, along with a hand-held buffing machine. The cleaning product I chose to use was Tile Doctor Grout Clean Up, which is designed to penetrate beneath the surface of the grout to lift out stains, smears and grout haze.

Diy Grout Cleaning Disaster After Cleaning Alderton

The final photo above shows the results of my attempts to clean the grout. Due to the extent of the damage, even a powerful cleaner like Grout Clean Up could not completely eliminate the stains completely. This meant that the only option left was to recolour the grout lines.

Recolouring the grout lines

I recoloured the grout lines using a white Tile Doctor Grout Colourant. This product is a waterborne epoxy that not only recolours, but also seals the grout lines in order to protect against further stains in the future.

Diy Grout Cleaning Disaster After Colouring Alderton

I coloured all of the grout lines in the bathroom to ensure that everything matched, as well as to create an overall high-quality resilient finish. My client was very happy with results – she also remarked that she would not be letting her husband near the bathroom floor again.
Source: Professional Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning services in Northamptonshire

Changing the Appearance of Grout on Wood Effect Tiles

I recently went down to the city of Hull, the biggest in East Yorkshire, for this job after I was contacted by a client living in the Victoria Dock area. My client had a very nice wood effect Porcelain floor, but she was not happy with current colour of the grout, which was a light grey, and wanted it changed to a dark grey instead. The floor was very well maintained – with Porcelain being a highly resistant material – and so it did not require a deep clean itself. On this particular occasion, my main focus was on the grout.

Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 2

Applying the pre-treatment cleaner

The Tile Doctor Grout Colourant kit consists of a pre-treatment cleaner and the colour seal, along with a grout brush and scrub pad to apply the products. My first task was to apply the pre-treatment cleaner to the grout. This prepares the grout joints for a superior grout colourant bond.

Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 1

Once sprayed on to grout, the pre-treatment cleaner was left to sit for 1-2 minutes before being worked in with the nylon grout brush. Any excess cleaner and dirt was then rinsed off with clean water to prepare the grout for re-colouring.

Changing the grout colour

The next stage of the re-colouring was to apply the grout colourant itself. I applied the dark grey colourant very carefully using an applicator brush, ensuring that it was distributed as evenly as possible along the grout lines.

Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 3 Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 4

I then left the grout to dry for a couple of hours, before using clean water in combination with a scrub pad to remove the excess. As you can see from the photographs, the overall result was a whole new look for the floor, with the dark grey colour accentuating the fantastic wood effect Porcelain, more so than the light grey had done previously.

Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 5

Both myself and my client were very pleased with a job well done.

Changing Grout Colour on Wood Effect Tiles in Hull Step 6

Source: Professional Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning services in East Yorkshire

Changing Kitchen Wall Tile Grout Colour

This was a request from lady in the market town of Beverley, East Yorkshire which, interestingly, is actually the influence for the name of the famous Beverley Hills area in California. She was unhappy with the colour of grout that had been used on kitchen wall tiles installed as part of her new kitchen and had called Tile Doctor to see if anything could be done.

She had spent a lot of time deciding on what tiles she wanted, and unfortunately the tiling company that installed them used the wrong colour grout. She thought that the job was completely ruined, and that, in the worst case, the grout would need to be removed. However, after a short consultation with the client, she decided on her a deep clean for her grout, along with a change of colour – from grey to black.

Grout Clean and colour in Beverly Before

Cleaning the grout

The Tile Doctor grout colour change kit includes a pre-treater cleaner which is used to clean the grout joint and prime it ready for the colourant. The pre-treatment cleaner is applied and left so soak in for a short period before being scrubbed into the grout with a brush. This helps to penetrate below the surface, lifting any dirt and stains before being rinsed off with water.

Changing the grout colour

After cleaning the grout, I applied the black colourant which is simply applied in thin even coats using a small brush. You need to take care not to get any on the tile and to wipe it off immediately if you do. The colourant sets quite quickly in around two hours but needs to be kept dry for twenty four hours.

Grout Clean and colour in Beverly During Grout Clean and colour in Beverly After

After the job was done, the change in colour left the wall tile with a whole new look – the one my client had hoped for to begin with. It’s probably difficult to appreciate this from the photographs but I was very pleased to have helped to remedy this problem quickly and with relative ease. Another happy client!

Grout Clean and colour in Beverly After

Source: Professional Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning services